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About Us

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We are a young couple who call Nova Scotia home. We are both born in the maritimes and have salt water running through our veins! 


We value small local businesses, especially since for the last 6 years we both have been running our own small businesses here in Nova Scotia.


As we have worked directly in the wedding industry, we saw the need to bring Velvet Ring Boxes to Canada! We had seen countless Brides & Vendors having to purchase from outside of Canada, and we thought, how can we bring velvet ring boxes to Canada? And just like that, The Nova Jewelry Boxes were born. 


We knew we wanted to offer ring boxes that truly felt inspired by the beauty of the Coast of the Atlantic.  We also knew we wanted to offer a quality product that had unique elements of design. Through much time and hard work, we were able to produce our first collection of Nova Boxes.


Weather you are a bride, a wedding vendor, or simply a lover of local maritime businesses, when a Nova Box graces your hands, or holds your precious rings,  We hope you can feel a glimmer of Atlantic Beauty before your eyes. 

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